Friday, 8 February 2013

Go slow

Exploring Cornish Edges on Zierle & Carter's  DIY9
I've been trying to slow down a bit, to enable me to think more clearly and have a bit more time to let things percolate and simmer. So I'm trying to survive on less 'work' in order to be more time rich. It's a tricky balance. But utterly necessary right now. I've also been trying to be more tied to place. To London (as that's where I am). Or, if I travel, to stay longer... It's something to do with being more rooted. More thoughtful. More considered. More present.

Somewhere on my reading travels this week I came across this:

“In times of coercive politics and transnational terror, slowing down so as to learn to listen anew is a necessity...The question is not so much to produce a new image as to provoke. To facilitate, and to solicit new seeing.” Trinh T Minh-ha, 'Still Speed'

I scrawled it down so have no idea where it's from (how's that for slowing down).

It's hard to slow down in London.

On the other hand, an evening or two ago my cousin gave me a link to some writing on procrastination, so I figure I must be doing something right... Someone else at least can perceive my go-slow antics.

Procrastinating/Going slow.

Perhaps I'm just coming into sync with the hedgerow in prep for the summer...