Thursday, 28 March 2019

Take-Hold | Common Salt | Edges & Contours Lab

Here's a link to a couple of blogs I've written since I last posted anything here (...poor Wallflower. I've been neglecting you...)

One was a blog for artists group Non Zero One, whom I collaborated on a project with last year called take-hold - a visitation / a possession / an occupation, by three muses who take up space inside your head.

‘We’re in. Nestling between your ears, settling in around your thoughts.’

Commissioned as part of the India Unboxed season at University of Cambridge Museums, take-hold looked at power and care in the context of The Museum, particularly in respect of the many objects collected or donated under colonial rule. 

Read my blog about the process of making the piece HERE

And the second one I wrote a couple of weeks ago in response to a lab I was part of in Bangalore, India, facilitated by Invisible Flock and Quicksand. The lab took place in February and brought together five delegates from the UK and five delegates from India, plus teams from Invisible Flock and Quicksand, as part of UnBox Festival 2019.

Click HERE to read my blog reflecting on the experience.

Both of them mention Common Salt you'll notice, the piece I'm currently sharing around museums, libraries and arts spaces with Sue Palmer.

A bit like two book ends. 

One written before the piece was finished. 
And one written after it had been out and about a fair few times...

It reminds me that although sometimes it can feel like your practice isn't developing much or that you're treading water...and that maybe you're spending a little too much time on;

the admin 
or facilitation 
or applying for things
or realising other ideas actually is moving forward, and in a very rich and connected way too! 

Phew. That's all alright then.


Common Salt in Wellcome Collection's Reading Room