Thursday, 19 November 2015

Early hedgerow research (by Sheila aged 10)

Just as I was about to launch the Rambles with Nature pocket book, my mum gave me a large sack full of work I'd done when I was at primary school that she'd saved.  Turns out I've already done a hedgerow project before!  Back in the 80's!  Made me think again about how influential those formative years can be. 

I have no memory of doing this project, but it clearly made an impact on me. I would have been 10 years old.

Funnily enough, each of the final pocket books contains a pressed flower / leaf collected on a suburban walk I did with my mum around some of the old places I used to play and hang out in when I was small (how fitting). 

The book was officially launched at the end of July 2015...

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Ramble 5 - A publication

It's hard to believe 5 months have passed and Rambles is still Rambling on!

I realise now of course it's probably a bit dangerous to call a project a name that encourages way-wardness and diversions - let that be a lesson all BEWARE.

But it's also because I've been doing some other things:

- I took a month off.
- I've been trying to find the money to complete Ramble 4 with Sue (we did such a beauteous, interesting work-in-progress in April it's hard to believe it's so tough to find the money to finish it AND we're still searching).
- I worked on another project with straybird - SOME PATTERNS OF CURRENT in Hampton Library (A Dance in Libraries commission).
- I did another sharing of INFINITY KNOT - this time for Maddy Costa and Jake Orr's DialogueFest
- I've done LOTS of Mentoring.
- I've done LOTS of teaching.
- I did some more Performing Medicine-ing.
- I went to Brussels and led a Rambling workshop at CIFAS.
- I did a LADA DIY with French & Mottershead.
- I made a grotto for an auction at my studios (for CoolTan Arts).
- I began another project with Mersey Care / Tate Liverpool.
- AND wait for it...I've been working on the Rambles with Nature publication. RAMBLE 5.

Oh yes, and it's pretty much ready.

It's been SUCH a luxury to look over the project from start to finish and process it in a different way. Through words in the main too... My cousin Divya Ghelani has edited it and John Hunter has designed it. And that at the top is a sneaky pic of its outer cover design.

So there we go...

Watch this space for details of the book launch.

Rambles with Nature (the ACE Funded part at least) has finally come to a bit of an end...

I say 'bit of' as now I need to get the work made out and about more - and I very much suspect there's a bit more rambling to come.