Monday, 28 January 2013

As slow as the seasons

And so finally the next project emerges... clear, in terms of where it begins at least...

It's been a slow coming into focus kind of thing.... 

A recognition of those things that have interested me over the last year. Of those moments that have felt 'right' and inspiring.  Like going on Zierle and Carter's DIY 9 and enjoying walking backwards flanked by nature... Like a midsummer walk in King's Woods taken with Straybird (for a project that never materialised with Stour Valley Arts), or a boggy wander along a path led by Brian towards a strong running river (the sea?) at the edges of Lancaster.

All of which the hedgerow featured in... All of which the hedgerow witnessed... All of which the hedgerow watched. 

And here we go. At last - a beginning.

The Hedgerow.

I actually feel ready to declare at last that everything I do from here on in will be working towards this next new project which features at it's centre this peculiarly British border.  

I'm actually quite excited which is no mean feat in January - when it's arctic outside, tax returns have just been filed, daylight has barely been seen for months and watching an episode of West Wing has become "something to look forward to".

Wildflowers in Whitstable
It's a funny old thing really as I've been telling people that this will be my next project since October time last year - but it's only now - at the very end of January that I can feel it in my belly.  


And although urgent - something that will unfold in its in own time at its own pace under its own momentum...  

In a way its already begun.

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