Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Ramble 2 - A walk and a meeting

Last week, introduced through Scott I met local artist and composer Adam Ronchetti.  Adam is a bit of an all rounder - a painter, a sound artist, a sculptor, a musician. I visited him in his studio under The Loft which appears to be a hive of lots of good things.  Various types of artists are housed there and there is a lovely space on the next floor up where cinema nights and workshops and events seem to happen.  It was great to be shown round.

Adam and I will go on a short walk together next week and see what unfolds. He is also one half of Hickory Signals and perhaps there might be some room for them to actually play/sing within this Ramble...

After meeting Adam dusk was falling and I had some time to kill before my next appointment, so I decided to go on a walk towards a lighthouse I have spied a couple of times from public transport.  I never made it.  It turns out it is quite a long walk and follows a road heavily laden with traffic at around 5pm!  But it did take me past the skate park. A small strip of land, nestled in between lots of roads, bustling with skaters.  The sound of their skate-boards hitting the tarmac seemed like prime 'foraged sound material' so I recorded them for a short while. The skate-park, reminded me of the horses that are kept under an intersection of roads just outside of Shoreham... It was a surprising sight the first time I encountered them, all stood there in a field directly under a motorway. But there is grass there I guess, so in a way it makes sense.
Scott Smith's Halloween handiwork

I wonder what the horses make of the traffic though?

And us, looping around and around the roundabout?

Lots of things seem to converge in Shoreham by Sea, roads, an airport, the sea, the downs, the river... Space is used in interesting ways... The marina, the boat community, the beach, the shops...  It's definitely not boring.

Even at dusk on Halloween when walking alongside a traffic jammed road towards a lighthouse you never reach...

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