Thursday, 17 May 2012

For the love of objects...

My studio is nearly ship-shape and in order at last.  Only a few piles of thoughts, papers and folders to go through, and then I'm pretty much sorted in terms of everything finally having a 'place'. I guess then I'm onto making the NEXT PIECE (that had to be written in capitals in homage to some distant teenage self).  It's been an interesting process sorting through everything and one which would have been finished ages ago if I hadn't kept getting waylaid by random scribbles and threads of text.  Here's a nice thought I just came across in one of my notebooks: 

"If we give objects the friendship they should have, we do not open a wardrobe without a slight start.  Beneath its russet wood, a wardrobe is a very white almond. To open it, is to experience an event of whiteness." 
Bachelard's Poetics of Space pg87

Objects used in "Give Me Land Lots of Land..."
Its a strange fragment but I like it because if you know my work you'll know I DO love objects...and not just objects... furniture, things, 'stuff', the arrangement of them in the room, on the floor, against a wall... anywhere. I'm always experiencing 'a slight start' in relation to them...and hopefully enabling others to do so also. 

I am a resistant collector. That much I know. 

I must have copied the text down when I was thinking about objects and the work they 'do' in my pieces.  

BUT equally the idea of  'an event of whiteness' is also very useful...

'An event of whiteness'...  

I have a funny feeling I might come back to that...

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