Thursday, 24 May 2012

Open Notebook

1) Some questions I have been asking myself:

What are the gaps?
What is missing?
What could happen?
Who with?
Who else?

2) A potential name for a new piece:


(A word with a double meaning - To cling together/To cut asunder)

3) Another couple of pieces of knowledge to unravel thanks to James Peto's The Heart:

The Sufi link between the heart and the rose.
The idea that everyone's heart is different and that a surgeon has to get to know its character.
That hearts are capricious. That a surgeon must be humble.
That because there was a belief that the heart could be filled with feelings, it began to be viewed as a recepticle or jar.

Covet Me Care For Me close-up at Trove as part of Fierce Festival 2011 photo credit Katja Ogrin
4) An interest in Taxonomy/Taxonomies...

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