Friday, 1 June 2012


This week my studio moved to Portslade, to the Blast Theory space just outside of Brighton.  In a way, it's an odd thing to do, to come away from your own environment, your own things, to inhabit somewhere else.  But that's also what is kind of nice.  To be freed from 'stuff', to sit in an empty room and see what that feels like.  Ummm... Mostly, it's meant I've sat at my computer all week, writing a public talk, writing an application, writing emails, writing this...with a few jaunts out in the evening and day.  To see other artists, to see new work, to look at the sea.

The sea...

Hove Beach/Sea

What is it about water exactly?  I went and saw Dream Think Speak's show last night and there is an epic moment when as an audience you feel submerged.  You become surrounded by footage of water and Ophelia floats around you and about you weightless and looming and it's like you're in a container somewhere. It's a really nice moment in the filmic dream-like Hamlet...

Lots to think about. Lots of food for thought.
Questions raised about 'practice' from the talk I gave on Wednesday and more plans emerging out of some of the conversations I've had...

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