Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A seated ramble

In the last week of my residency at Pitzhanger I led two workshops at Michael Flanders Day Centre in Acton.  The first one had a Rambles with Nature focus and the second looked at A Place for Dreaming. 

Both were great fun.

For the Rambles with Nature workshop (pretty much the focus of this blog for the next few months), I turned up with a bag of fake foliage, asked participants to create their own piece of nature, photographed each of these and then recorded each person literally having a ramble about what 'it' / nature made them think about... 

The photographs and audio recordings were then shared at my final Open Studio event in mid July at Pitzhanger Manor Lodge.

I will be leading the workshop in other day centres in the future, but will also add in real flowers and greenery as opposed to just using fake flowers (for the scents mainly), alongside showing the Rambles 1 portable cine-poems (which have now been made)!  I'm very interested to see how they will be recieved and what memories/thoughts/musings they themselves might provoke.
Before the workshop

After the workshop

Exhibited results! Headphones modelled by my cousin.

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