Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Catching up with myself

I was trying to work out what's been keeping me so busy of late (yep turns out the Go Slow plan is harder to stick to than I realised). It's all felt a bit PACKED....although with room for each thing to go on for longer (so in that sense perhaps the Go Slow mantra has worked) and I realised that since January I've:

Made From Me To You With Love (a project in two day centres for over 65s)
Re-made Rat Rose Bird and  then shown it at Chelsea Theatre and Z Arts
Led a childrens project at Chelsea Theatre based on Rat Rose Bird.
Been Artist in Residence at Ealing Council's Pitzhanger Manor and Walpole Park for three months (resulting in A Place For Dreaming).
Led a Performing Medicine SSC module at King's with 3rd year medical students.
Made an artistic set of 'conversation starters' for Rajni Shah's Beyond Glorious symposium
Written some text for a friends new publication...
Presented a scratch at BAC called Preamble... 
Been on another LADA DIY to Yorkshire Sculpture Park...
Performed at Sheffield Doc Fest and East Street Arts in Leeds for the ever lovely Blast Theory.
Spent a weekend away with the artist group I'm part of.

And... I'm bound to have forgotten something...

So ignoring all the public events and workshops I led during my residency in Ealing - that's a lot of new work:
  1. From Me To You With love greeting card boxes (available to look at / buy on my shortly to be announced v exciting NEW website)
  2. From Me To You With Love large-scale performative photographs of Millman Street Resource Centre and Riverside Centre X 2 (these will be hung at each centre).
  3. A Place For Dreaming - a new work in which people are literally invited to doodle and dream into a library of notebooks (WORK IN PROGRESS).
  4. Rat Rose Bird (well... not really new but at least finished AT LAST and something I'm finally very happy with).
  5. A short video document made with Ashburnam School.
  6. The sculptural conversation starters in which audience are invited to 'become like botanists'.
  7. Preamble – well this is just a text really and was research for the project I'm currently working on:
Rambles with Nature

Yes it's here at last. My project about the hedgerow....

I was lucky enough to get Arts Council Funding for it, so am going to start using this blog to document the rambles as they unfold.

The first thing I'm going to do is post some of the Preamble text I produced for the BAC scratch as it provides a great introduction to what Rambles with Nature actually is....

Conversation Starters, photo Sheila Ghelani
New Look Rat Rose Bird, photo Adam Levy

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